Cosmetic Dentistry Summerfield

Cosmetic Dentistry Summerfield, FL

Feeling great about your smile’s appearance can help you gain lost confidence, make great first impressions, and helps you enjoy life again. While not all of us have naturally beautiful teeth, you can change that with the help of cosmetic dentistry in Summerfield, FL!

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Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth tend to naturally darken over time, mostly due to the foods and drinks we consume. Professional whitening treatments in Summerfield can erase years of dental stain, as well as natural discoloration that you’ve always had. Our custom treatments work faster and better than anything you could buy at the supermarket.

Custom Dental Veneers

When you want the most dramatic results possible, dental veneers are the best choice. Paired together, veneers mask the front of your teeth making them look:

  • Straighter
  • Whiter
  • Even
  • Properly shaped

Getting veneers is a 2-3 appointment process. But when your treatment is over, you’ll have the dramatic results that you’ve been looking for…without having to wear braces!

Cosmetic Bonding

For minor aesthetic irregularities, bonding is a conservative and fast treatment choice. Composite bonding covers minor discrepancies such as chips, gaps, or uneven enamel. Like a white filling, the process only takes one appointment to complete. Numbing may not even be necessary!

Tooth Colored Restorative Treatments

Maybe you’re suffering from active tooth decay or loss, and know you need something more than just an everyday cosmetic treatment. At First Choice Dentistry, we use aesthetic materials to treat and repair teeth. Your new smile will be durable and look great, too. From white fillings to porcelain crowns and bridges, we have something for everyone.

No matter what your smile has been through in the past, we have what it takes to help you feel confident about it again. Call Dr. Price in Summerfield, Florida today to schedule an aesthetic consultation!