Dentures Summerfield

Dentures Summerfield, FL

Whether you’ve suffered from gum disease in the past have had an accident that resulted in tooth loss, our full mouth reconstruction services and denture treatments with Dr. Price at First Choice Dentistry in Summerfield, FL can help you get your smile back.

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First Choice Dentistry in Summerfield, Florida offers custom denture design treatments to help you:

  • Eat and speak more clearly
  • Smile with confidence
  • Affordably replace all of your teeth
  • Improve your quality of life

Full and Partial Dentures

How many teeth do you need to replace?

A full denture covers in Summerfield your entire upper or lower arch, restoring the bite at one time. Some people call upper dentures “plates” because of the acrylic piece that seals against the roof of your mouth.

Partial dentures snap in place around your existing teeth, replacing only the ones that are missing. The advantage of choosing a partial denture is that you do not have to extract otherwise healthy teeth; we always prefer to preserve your original teeth when possible!

All of our dentures are fabricated locally by skilled lab technicians, so that your new smile looks natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Implant Supported Denture Options

How would you like to have dentures that never move or rock out of place? Thanks to dental implant stabilization options, it’s possible. Depending on the type of implant denture you want, there are usually two types to choose from: removable overdentures and fixed hybrid dentures.

Overdentures are like conventional dentures that snap over implants, but can be removed at night. Hybrid designs are permanently affixed by our Summerfield implant dentist and can only be removed by a dental professional.

Denture Repairs

A loose-fitting or cracked denture can sometimes be repaired, depending on how bad the damage is. Something as simple as a reline may be all that’s needed.

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