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As a general dental office in Summerfield, FL, First Choice Dentistry focuses on preventive and minimally-invasive solutions that help keep your smile healthy for life. That’s why First Choice Dentistry in Summerfield, Florida offers a comprehensive menu of general services to choose from.

General Dentistry
				Summerfield, FL

What Treatment Do I Need?

Depending on your situation and current oral health status, we’ll create a care plan that’s unique to your smile and long-term goals. Some of our services include:

Tooth Colored Fillings — Metal-free fillings are safer for your teeth and look better, too! Each composite filling is custom matched to your individual teeth.

Cleanings and Exams — Seeing you every six months allows us to take particular steps that limit your risk of developing common dental diseases. We’ll give you the resources necessary to keep your smile healthy for life.

Gum Disease Treatment — Non-surgical periodontal therapy stops gum disease before it leads to tooth loss.

Crowns and Bridges — Rebuild and replace your worn-out bite with durable and aesthetic restorations.

Dental Implants and Dentures — Dental implant restorations and same day dentures make it possible to get your smile back faster than ever.

Digital X-rays — High resolution imaging makes it possible to screen for and diagnose diseases for earlier, less-invasive treatment.

Preventative Sealants and Fluoride — Lower you and your child’s cavity risk with these convenient and protective therapies.

Keeping Your Care Affordable

Our Summerfield dental office is happy to file insurance claims on your behalf. When you need treatment, our care coordinator will provide you with an estimated breakdown of your benefits, so that you know what costs are involved before you even schedule your procedure. Let us know if you have any questions about us being an in-network provider and how it affects your plan.

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