Summerfield, Florida overdentures (sometimes called implant-supported dentures or snap-on dentures) are removable full-arch dentures that clip onto dental implants for support. They are an excellent alternative to removable dentures, especially if you do not qualify for All-on-4 implants. If you're missing all of your teeth, there are several things to consider before deciding if this type of implant denture would be right for you. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about overdentures so that you can make an informed decision about the care options available.


What is an overdenture?

An overdenture is a removable full arch denture that clips onto dental implants for support. It is an excellent alternative to traditionally removable dentures because of the added stability and comfort that it has to offer.

Depending on your unique oral anatomy, Dr. Patel may recommend 2-4 dental implants to support your snap-on overdenture. Since the prosthesis is removable, you do not need as many implants to anchor it into place.

The real benefits of overdentures are increased comfort and security. Overdentures clip onto your implants and use a special mechanism to keep them securely in place. They are also more comfortable than traditional dentures since they fit naturally over your gum line (without irritating it or causing sore spots).

Are overdentures right for me?

If you struggle with a well-fitting denture, have extensive bone loss, or find that you need to constantly reapply adhesives to your dentures, overdentures may be right for you. Unlike other removable full-arch dentures, overdentures can also improve bite strength and help expand the variety of foods that you eat. Since the implants keep them in place throughout the day, you won't have to worry about your "plate" slipping out of your mouth or rubbing your gums.

Summerfield overdentures offer more comfort and stability than traditional removable dentures. Dr. Patel often recommends them to people with a thin bone ridge, who otherwise struggle with achieving a comfortable, secure denture fit. Reinforcing the denture with implants improves comfort throughout the day.

In some cases, it's possible to retrofit current dentures into a snap-on overdenture. Dr. Patel will need to evaluate this option on a case-by-case basis.

How much do overdentures cost in Summerfield, FL?

The cost of overdentures depends on several factors. While traditional dentures tend to cost about half as much as overdentures, snap-on appliances still cost less than other alternatives like All-on-4 implants. Because of their lower cost, overdentures are typically more affordable than other replacement options involving multiple dental implants and permanently attached restorations.

If you have dental insurance, our Summerfield dentist's office will help to maximize the coverage of your plan, reducing any out-of-pocket costs. Flexible payment options are also available, making it easier to budget your new smile into your monthly calendar. During your evaluation, we will create a detailed care plan outlining the cost of overdentures, any adjunctive therapies needed, and insurance benefits, leaving you with a printed fee estimate. That way, you can discuss it with your family, friends, or think about it before committing to treatment.

What does the overdenture procedure involve?

During implant-supported denture surgery, a small opening is created in your gum tissues, where the implant will be placed and secured in the bone. Since only 2-4 implants are necessary, Dr. Patel may only need to use local anesthetic to numb those areas. Once your implants are integrated and stable, which usually takes at least a few months, you will have special locators/attachments fitted onto the implant abutments. This is what will secure your full denture in place. In the meantime, you'll be able to wear it like a traditional denture as the implants integrate.

Are overdentures better than traditional dentures?

Overdentures are more comfortable and secure than traditional dentures when it comes to wearing them every day. Their customized fit will help increase your confidence and make it easier to enjoy meals, especially when you're around other people. And they often last longer than standard dentures because they are less likely to slip, shift, or come out when you chew. Plus, the implants will aid in strengthening the bone where they're installed, delaying the effects of bone loss that we frequently see in people who wear traditional dentures.

Overdentures in Summerfield, FL

If you are interested in overdentures, we invite you to meet with Dr. Patel at our Summerfield, FL office to find out if snap-on denture designs are right for you. Our experienced dental team will help ensure a positive experience that will leave you smiling! Contact us today to request an exam.

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